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J Plasma

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What is J Plasma?

J Plasma is the previous name of the Renuvion device. They are the same machine, but you may be more familiar with this Skin Tightening procedure under the name J Plasma. If you would like to learn more about if this procedure is right for you, go to the Renuvion page.

What makes J Plasma Renuvion different than other skin tightening devices?

The Revision is an advanced energy device that combines the unique properties of cold helium plasma and radio frequency (RF) energy. 

The helium plasma focuses the RF energy for greater control of tissue effect. This allows a higher level of precision and virtually eliminates unintended tissue trauma. 

What is Helium Plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of mater. It is an ionized gas that works well for skin tightening. 

Helium plasma allows the use of lower temperatures and a greater precision. This creates great results with fewer risks and side effects during the procedure. 

What are the benefits of Plasma?

Because of the precise technique due to the innovative technology, there are multiple benefits of using plasma for skin tightening, including:

  • There is hardly any scarring associated with the procedure

  • There is minimal downtime and discomfort after surgery

  • Results begin to become evident right away

Other devices that use more traditional forms of energy use bulk tissue heating. Although this technique is effective it can be time consuming and can overheat the skin's surface, causing occasional blisters or burns. 

Learn more about how the plasma technology in action with the Renuvion and if it may be right for you!

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