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Surgical Skin Tightening

For those who are tired of their sagging, loose skin and are willing to undergo a more invasive procedure that may require some downtime, then surgical skin tightening may be the solution.  Dramatic weight loss can often leave you with sagging or excessive skin that will not bounce back on its own and is too stubborn for Non Surgical solutions.  

What are my surgical options?

Tightening for Everything is happy to offer Renuvion as a minimally invasive surgical skin tightening procedure.

Can a T4E treatment be performed in conjunction with another aesthetic surgery?

Yes.  A T4E treatment can be accompanied by any of the following treatments:

  • Liposuction

  • Tummy Tuck

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Lift

  • Neck Lift

  • Arm Lift

  • Body Lifts

How long will results last?

Results vary from patient to patient. A variety of factors influence the longevity of surgical results including genetics, skin tone, and environmental factors. Depending on the procedure and patient, some see results sustained up to 5 to 15 years. 

What should I expect?

When you are preparing for a surgical skin tightening procedure, you can expect great results but it is important to keep your expectations reasonable. Talk to your surgeon before you undergo a procedure and be sure to ask what kind of expectations you can reasonably and realistically expect. 

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“When I implemented the Renuvion treatment into my practice, the thing that excited me the most was watching my results go from good to great with just one treatment. I am continuously impressed by the incredible results Renuvion helps me to achieve in cases of skin laxity.”

 - Dr. Justin Yovino MD, FACS from Beverly Hills

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